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This is the first book ever that explains how to resolve climate change at the lowest cost and in a way that is politically feasible. In essence, a plan to save the planet.

The easiest solution is a federal law that requires decarbonization at the lowest cost over 30 years, with additional costs passed onto consumers. If applied to the U.S., this would cost each American $20 in year #1, $40 in year #2, $60 in year #3, etc.

The world's current economic decarbonization strategy is to encourage individuals, companies, cities, and regions to reduce CO2 emissions. However, they rarely have the physical ability to do so at the lowest cost. Instead, we should task power companies with decarbonizing at massive scales and at the lowest cost.


Decarbonization policy in the U.S. is controlled by a political coalition of environmentalists, labor unions, and the automobile industry. Unfortunately, labor and auto must focus on their own financial interests, and not getting to zero at the lowest cost. To do the latter, one would need a political coalition that benefits. For example, regions that import carbon-based fuels benefit from lowest-cost decarbonization in two

ways: (a) they gain local green jobs while carbon jobs are lost elsewhere, and (b) they save money when decarbonization causes fuel price to drop, due to less fuel consumption.

The cherry on top of our climate solutions sundae is a new R&D laboratory that further reduces decarbonization costs.

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To read the first 4 chapters for free, click here.

For a proposed U.S. Federal law that reduces CO2 to zero at lowest cost, click here.

For an open-source decarbonization R&D laboratory business plan, click here.

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Author Biography

Glenn Weinreb is the Director of the Manhattan 2 Project, a think tank that studies how to resolve climate change at the lowest cost and in a way that is politically feasible.

In 1982, Glenn Weinreb founded GW Instruments, a company that designs and manufactures products that automate factories and research laboratories. And over forty years, almost every day, he interacted with manufacturing engineers and research scientists at thousands of different organizations.   

One morning in 2019 Weinreb awoke with an epiphany. He felt his job was meaningless, and he wanted to do something different. He was tired of chasing money as an entrepreneur, and he instead wanted to help the planet. He thought about how his background was unique and gave him a different perspective on energy, manufacturing and R&D. So he formed The Manhattan 2 Project with some friends. And between 2019 and 2022 he sponsored and managed 25 university R&D students, and published 30 articles on climate change solutions.

TEDx Book Summary (10 minute video)

A Plan to Save The Planet  | Glenn Weinreb | TEDxBoston

A Plan to Save The Planet | Glenn Weinreb | TEDxBoston

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