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Glenn Weinreb

Glenn Weinreb is the Director of the EE Times Climate Solutions Research Center (CSRC), and the non-profit Manhattan 2 (Ma2), as well as the Founder of GW Instruments (GWI). Weinreb has published approximately 50 articles and videos on climate solutions, and he is the author of the free climate book, A Plan to Save the Planet.

Weinreb founded GW Instruments in the 1980s while studying electrical engineering at MIT. This company designs and manufactures products that automate factories and research laboratories. Over 35 years, he has helped thousands of customers set up R&D projects.

In 2019, Weinreb experienced a profound realization. He felt that his work was no longer fulfilling, and he wanted to make a more meaningful impact. Motivated by a desire to help the planet, he leveraged his unique background in R&D and infrastructure to form The Manhattan 2 Project. Through this initiative, he sponsored and managed 25 university R&D students and published extensively on climate solutions.

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