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Glenn Weinreb

Glenn Weinreb is the director of a non-profit that does research on climate solutions; author of climate book "A Plan to Save the Planet"; author of 30 articles on climate solutions; and producer of "The Climate Solution" YouTube channel.


For a summary of his research, see YouTube video: How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Climate Problem?

In 1982, Glenn Weinreb founded GW Instruments, a company that designs and manufactures products that automate factories and research laboratories. And over forty years, almost every day, he interacted with manufacturing engineers and research scientists at thousands of different organizations.   

One morning in 2019 Weinreb awoke with an epiphany. He felt his job was meaningless, and he wanted to do something different. He was tired of chasing money as an entrepreneur, and he instead wanted to help the planet. He thought about how his background was unique and gave him a different perspective on energy, manufacturing and R&D. So he formed The Manhattan 2 Project with some friends. And between 2019 and 2022 he sponsored and managed 25 university R&D students, he published 30 articles on climate change solutions, and he published a book entitled A Plan to Save the Planet.

To read Weinreb's climate book for free, click here.

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